Volunteer: Harold Schultz



Name: Harold Schultz

What was your current/former career or business background?

Eastman Kodak Company: Retired 33 yrs., Industrial Arts Major

Kodak Park: ECM&U. Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Utilities.

Skill sets in Electrical, Mechanical, Machinist and Instrumentation.

Kodak Office: Worldwide Service Engineer

Kodak Professional Products: DCS Professional Digital Cameras, RFS Scanners, and RP/RR 30 Digital Laser CNP Printers

Member of engineering group responsible for Digital Camera Support for (AP) Associated Press and NASA & ISS (DCS460 thru the Pro 14N).

Primary Support Engineer for 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, On-site 5 weeks

Primary Service Engineer for RP/RR 30 Laser Printer in conjunction with the Agfa Corporation in Munich, Germany.

What is your favorite aspect about the Maker Space? My favorite aspect is the freedom to create and make anything I want.

What is your dream for the Maker Space? My Dream for the Maker Space is MORE High Tech equipment.

What do you hope to do as a Maker Space volunteer? Share what I know and what I learn at the Maker Space.