21st Century Workforce


I had the pleasure of working with a group of high school students this past Saturday.  They were all enrolled in Roane State Community College classes offered in their high schools.  This is called Dual Enrollment.  I offered them a chance to work from 8am to 5pm on the Entrepreneurial Mindset that can set them apart and help them succeed in college and in life.  The entrepreneurial mindset is not just for those that want to start a business someday.  The entrepreneurial mindset is what employers are looking for.  Continue reading

Altered Ego Design – A Maker Space Business

We are excited to have Christien Fontaine of Altered Ego Design creating his custom laser cut arts and automotive accessories at the CBI Maker Space. Christien owns the same Full Spectrum laser that we have in the Maker Space and has been making some of his creations and volunteering to help others learn what the laser can do. Continue reading

20th Century Leadership & Motivation

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If you have employees, at the heart of your business is knowing what motivates people to do great work. It turns out that over the last 50 years a group of Social Scientists all over the world have taken a very systematic look at this question. Continue reading

The Next Time You Use Your Computer…


The next time you use your computer to read an email or download a movie on Netflix, or use an app on your phone, think of the technology behind it and the geeks who developed it.

Being called a Geek today is a compliment, a high compliment, not like when I was in school. Tech companies are in heavy competition to develop the newest most advanced products. As the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, those that understand and develop it are in high demand. Continue reading