Is Your Business Ready to Graduate?

It’s graduation season.  Graduations do not guarantee success.  At some level graduation is a completed checklist, accomplishment and a new stage of life for the graduates.  Moving on to the next level, marking progress. Continue reading

The Fourth Industrial Revolution


The first industrial revolution spanned from about 1760 to around 1840, triggered by the construction of railroads and the invention of the steam engine and ushered in mechanical production. The second industrial revolution, starting in the late 19th century made mass production possible, fostered by the advent of electricity and the assembly line. The third industrial revolution began in 1960’s, with the digital revolution and the development of semiconductors, mainframe computing, personal computing and the internet. Continue reading

One Hour a Month

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I had the privilege of attending a meeting earlier this week to catch up with 3 of my own TN Promise mentees and 3 other mentees that we sitting at the same table. They are all enrolled in classes at Roane State Community College this semester. One is going into education, one accounting/business and one is studying music with classes at RSCC Harriman. Two are looking at something in the physical therapy and medical fields and one is undecided. One of my mentees that I did not get the chance to connect with at the meeting is enrolled in the welding program at TCAT. I started out with 5 mentees. One was accepted to the University of Tennessee and choosing to attend UT did not qualify for the TN Promise (community colleges and technical schools do). The other four made it from high school to college with the help of the TN Promise scholarship! Continue reading