The Fourth Industrial Revolution


The first industrial revolution spanned from about 1760 to around 1840, triggered by the construction of railroads and the invention of the steam engine and ushered in mechanical production. The second industrial revolution, starting in the late 19th century made mass production possible, fostered by the advent of electricity and the assembly line. The third industrial revolution began in 1960’s, with the digital revolution and the development of semiconductors, mainframe computing, personal computing and the internet. Continue reading

Not Just Another Year

The Way Forward sign in the sky

It’s January 13th – yes, almost half of January is gone. What have you decided to do differently this year so that 2015 is not just a repeat of 2014? Hint: Some people have been in business for 10 years, but they have repeated their first year in business 9 more times because they didn’t decide to do anything differently. Don’t let this happen to you! Continue reading

Striking e-Commerce Gold


I visited Arkansas over the holiday weekend recently and picked up some interesting information from small business owners there.  As we all know, new businesses face daunting odds:  only half of all businesses launched annually will survive five years, and only one-third will survive past 10 years, according to the SBA. Arkansas has more than 241,000 small businesses, some quite successful.  Business owners everywhere who succeed do more than build it and hope buyers will come.  They stick to a written business plan vetted by a professional. They spend judiciously and reinvest in their business, and many effectively use the power of social media. Continue reading

Are You Reaching Your Customers Online?


Baby Boomers and seniors are spending more time online than they are watching television according to a report by Ipsos and Google.

Average seniors and Boomers (those age 45 and older) spend 19 hours a week online compared to only 16 hours of television watching.  Their online time far outpaces time spent listening to the radio or reading newspapers and magazines. Continue reading